"Trickle Down" "Birdseye" "Al Loro" "Redtail"
Survival or Else MKS Kakaw REDTAIL

"RosA" "Greenfarm Sunset" "Treespirit" "Treebird 3000"
BOXER Rhapsody BOXER Rhapsody

"Blue Bird" "Nefertiti" "Buck 'em Down" "Lazarillo"
BOXER Rhapsody BOXER Rhapsody

"Cortezcatlipoca" "John Brown" "Moral Hazard" "Matamuros"
BOXER Rhapsody BOXER Rhapsody

"Habit" "Art Linkletter" "Got it Made" "Santa"
BOXER Rhapsody BOXER Artlinkletter

Most of these prints are woodcuts, hand carved in red cherry in the Japanese tradition and printed in Varied Editions of 5 - 15.
Variations are mostly of color but some are printed on varied paper and some feature elements of collage and aerosol stencils.
There are still copies available of many of them. Contact me directly for information on prices and availability.



The earliest surviving examples of woodcut prints date back to early 3rd century China